Thursday, August 11, 2016

Treasures in Findlay, IL

Treasures in Findlay, Illinois by Jenny Biggs
Living near Findlay, Illinois has been one of my highlights during my service in Shelby County.  There are a number of great things that make Findlay such a wonderful place including the friendly and caring residents, the beautiful hiking trails with great sites of Lake Shelbyville, the Old Country Church filled with classic country and bluegrass tunes on Saturday nights, multiple events at the community center, and an activity packed Walleye Festival occurring the last weekend of July.  This fun-filled event is put on by dedicated members of the community that collaborate on providing great entertainment for people of all ages. 

If you missed the Walleye Festival this year but are still looking for a good reason to visit Findlay other than those listed above, the community group FLIP (Findlay Long-term Improvement Program) is hosting their annual 5K on August 13th at Eagle Creek State Park, providing a scenic route for participants to enjoy!  Interested . . . contact Jody McCormick at 217-725-5176 for more information.
While at Eagle Creek State Park, be sure to visit the creative campground host, Mike Welch, who built a beautiful wooden chair that is large enough to seat your entire family.  He doesn’t mind people climbing up and having their photo made, and if you are lucky, you will see the hot rod that he built out of a ’93 Dodge Dakota named “Lil Yella Rat.”  Once Mr. Welch gets an idea, there’s no stopping him!  Be sure to check out his other creations when visiting.   

After soaking up the beautiful scenery at Eagle Creek State Park, participants can enjoy a tasty meal at Foor Family Restaurant and then proceed to check out some of the great treasures at Don’s Resale Shop in the downtown area of Findlay.  You can also check out some beautiful work done by one of Findlay’s own local artisan’s at I’m Board Productions, or if crafts are more your style, Personal Stitches may be the place for you.  If you live close by, be sure to come back in the evening for some great food at the Lumberyard or Tailwinds, enjoy a glass of wine at Niemerg’s Winery, and then head to the Old Country Church, located near the town’s park to wind up the night with some classic country.  Look for a white building with a red roof, and come on in.  Music starts at 7pm. 

Be sure to check out FLIP’s website at to learn more about local businesses and upcoming events!  And, if you would like to learn about nearby attractions, go to  We hope you enjoy your stay!

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