Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Celebrate Stewardson

Village of Stewardson
                Many know this town by its large cow adjacent to T & L Locker Meat Shop.  If you are into selfies, this is a spot you do not want to miss.  This is also a great place to purchase local meat for your next grill-out, whether you are looking for steaks, ground beef, ribs, brats, rope sausage and more.  If you are in the mood for a prepared meal, the local eatery, Why Not? is easily found in the center of town where you can find good home cooking.  After your bellies are full, be sure to pay the other businesses in town a visit, especially if you are on the hunt for accessories, bridal gowns, and prom dresses, which can be found downtown at Personalities or Ooo La La Brides and Prom Queens.  And, if you enjoy the smooth texture of homegrown grapes in a glass, check out Vahling Vineyards and peruse the plethora of choices available.  The friendly owners will be happy to provide you with information about your wine of choice. 

Well, we have covered cows, dresses, and wine, which provides a great mixture for Stewardson’s very own Mr. Heifer Beauty Pageant, which is just around the corner as part of their 4th of July Celebration to be held on June 26th.  Check out the flyer below for more information.