Thursday, February 18, 2016

Looking for Something to Do?

Looking for Something to Do?  
Shelby County offers a lot of wonderful activities.  Listed below are some great examples! 
Willow Ridge Winery Ice Sculpting Event:  A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of visiting Willow Ridge Winery and watching an Olympic winning ice sculptor work his magic before my very eyes.  Aaric Kendall used a variety of tools to make his masterpiece complete out of 300 pound blocks of ice.  A beautifully formed dragon was made on the spot since Dragon’s Pizza was present on this special day.  Mr. Kendall was great with the audience, welcoming questions about ice carving and his experience in the Olympics.  Thanks to Willow Ridge Winery for providing this awesome event!

Eagle Days at USACE:  This past weekend, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville hosted “Eagle Days” with the Illinois Raptor Center.  The raptor rehabilitators, Jane Seitz and Jacques Nuzzo, provided educational programs for children and adults, as well as an interactive question and answering session about these beautiful birds.  The audiences were able to view a broad wing hawk, a peregrine falcon, a barn owl, and a bald eagle.  The program director, Mr. Nuzzo, provided great information in a way that motivated listeners to want to learn more.  The executive director, Ms. Seitz, exuberated calmness when having the birds rest on her arm, which was no simple task, especially with the restless bald eagle who kept wanting to fly away.  The presenters did a great job, and the crowd was continuously engaged during the program.  Thanks to the Illinois Raptor Center for their great presentation, and to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville for providing this public outreach!

Lincoln Program:  In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, there was a presentation at the “Little Bookstore” on Main Street in Shelbyville about the life of Lincoln.  Professor Dan Guillory presented on “Abraham Lincoln and His World.”  The speaker did a wonderful job at describing various aspects of Lincoln’s life.  He talked about Lincoln’s time spent in Shelbyville, and how he walked along the town’s very own Main Street to enter the courthouse during his time as a lawyer.  Listeners could imagine being back in history and catching a glimpse of this future President in downtown Shelbyville.  Thanks to the “Little Bookstore” for celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday by having such a wonderful event!    

Biscuit and Gravy Gathering:  There are also many local events that help support community groups.  I attended the Findlay Community Building’s gravy and biscuit fundraiser to fuel up before heading to “Eagle Days” in Shelbyville.  It was a great way to learn about upcoming activities that will be held at the Community Building, as well as meet some of Findlay’s finest residents!  A job well done by the Findlay Community Building Committee!


How can you find out about future events?  Check out the Daily Union’s community calendar; visit various Facebook pages of places you like to attend that may be providing activities; check bulletin boards;    OR . . .  you could make it a little easier on yourself by checking out the Shelby County Office of Tourism’s calendar of events page at,or their Facebook page at
Between the two, you are very likely to find out what is going on nearby!  The Shelby County Office of Tourism does a great job at providing information about happenings in the area, but remember, even though they are always searching for events to share, they are a small office with a lot of ground to cover.  To ensure that your event will be listed, please contact them with dates and details by calling them at 217-774-2244.  You can also email them with your event at, or you can visit them in person at their office.  They are located at 315 East Main Street in Shelbyville, Illinois, next to the Shelby County Courthouse.  Thanks to the Shelby County Office of Tourism for providing information on “What to Do” in Shelby County!
There are always events to check out, so go ahead and “Explore More in Shelby County!” by Jenny Biggs