Friday, October 9, 2015

AmeriCorps Member helping Shelby County Partners

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jenny Biggs, and I am a Western Illinois University Peace Corps Fellows/AmeriCorps member in Shelby County with the group Shelby County Partners.  I am serving in the communities of Findlay, Shelbyville, Strasburg, and Windsor on various projects, and when I am not out and about in one of these communities, you can find me in my office at the Shelby County Tourism building in Shelbyville. 

The first project we worked on was collecting baseball gloves and baseballs for troops overseas in remembrance of 9/11.  AmeriCorps teamed up with the organization Gloves 4 Troops and various communities in collecting and shipping gloves and baseballs overseas to our armed forces.  Our participating communities had two collection sites where collection boxes were left out from September 11th through September 30th. 

A big THANKS to all of the places that allowed us to leave boxes out for donations.  These include:  Findlay Village Hall, Tailwinds Steakhouse in Findlay, Shelby County Tourism in Shelbyville, Shelbyville Public Library, Shelby County State Bank in Strasburg, Strasburg Shortstop, E-K Petro Mart in Windsor, and Shelby County State Bank in Windsor.  Thanks again to the communities of Findlay, Shelbyville, Strasburg, and Windsor for your cooperation in the Gloves 4 Troops project!  For more information about how you can help out with Gloves 4 Troops, check out their website at

Also, a big thanks to those who distributed the boxes in Shelby County!

Jenny Biggs, David Johnson, David Young, Gary Kull, Maria Shafer, Marcia Johnson, and Freddie Fry

 For information about the communities listed above, please visit the following websites: